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About Artist

Tami Carmody

Hi my name is Tami Carmody. I started taking Tole Painting classes in 1984. I loved painting, especially painting flowers. Over time, I continued taking classes and seminars to hone my skills. 


I had been painting about three years when I was asked if I would like to teach others the art of painting. After teaching at several shops, I decided to  open my own shop called the The Painted Garden.


Over time, the art of tole painting became what is known today as Decorative Painting. I have been teaching for over thirty years, and still teach today at a variety of venues including my home studio, painting chapters and painting conventions.


I realized that somewhere along the line, painting had become not just my hobby but my passion. Several years ago, I retired from my job of twenty five years in the Aerospace Industry to pursue my passion for painting as a career.


Now I travel across several states selling my unique hand-painted items at Craft shows, Art Festivals and Boutiques.


In 2020, I opened an Etsy Shop-wisteriapainting in addition to selling at shows so check out what we have to offer.

I am grateful to you, my customer, for appreciating my talent, enjoying my work and supporting my painting. Because of you, my passion has become the career I love and I thank you all.

Tami Carmody

Decorative Painting Artist
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